SWW participated at the Business Technology and Innovation fair “Riga COMM” in Riga, 11.-12.10.2018, Latvia

SWW participated as an exhibitor at the “Riga COMM” fair in Riga. SWW partner RTU presented at the fair the latest developments and innovations.  The booth had lot of attendees and there was really large interest about the project and results. It was great opportunity to present our new innovative, well fitting army uniform prototype, which incorporates smart solutions. For example the light signal integration into the back side of the field uniform jacket – in order to provide the solders visibility and to alert the other group members about the possible threats in deteriorated visibility conditions.

You can see more about this prototype here

In general the goal of the exhibition was to encourage modernization of companies, organizations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation. The content of the “Riga COMM” was suitable for entrepreneurs and executives of all fields.



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