Arctic Airborne - AA3D



Launched at the beginning of 2019, the Arctic Airborne 3D project produces industrial research using innovative drone technologies, visualization, and sensor and positioning technologies. The aim of the project is to solve the current challenges of Arctic municipalities and tourism companies and their service providers, as well as the existing challenges of reindeer herders and service providers through the latest drone technologies. The project utilizes interaction methodologies to develop and demonstrate drone application business models in the Interreg North area, helping entrepreneurs to deploy enabling drone technologies and to create drone-based services.
The main objective of the project is to use cross-border collaboration to pilot applications in northern conditions so that companies would be more competitive and operate more in a sustainable way. The connecting factor of the project is drone technology, which is used to enable new innovations.

The project gathers requirements and needs from the end-user point of view, based on which the technology innovations are demonstrated to participating partners around the two following themes:

1) Tourism, municipalities and road traffic
2) Reindeer herding

The project is funded by Interreg Nord.


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