Research and technical scenarios


The project goal is integrating IoT and UAS technologies into 5G and smart factory testing and analysis. Essential topics are 3D testing methods in mobile networks, analysis, visualization, collecting Big Data, IoT platform and UAS integration.


This project studies the deployment of digitalization in mobile broadband testing methods and tools. The idea of the project is not only to develop tools and methods but also 5G network features. The UAS technology brings new possibility to study 3D beamforming with 3D testing tools. The UAS technology is seen as an efficient way to perform field-testing because it brings new dimension to measurements.


The project will study possibilities to use IoT and UAS in industrial use cases. The project will look into possibilities that UAS brings with 5G in smart factory concept. The overall goal of the project is to gain understanding on how UAS can be used in different measurements e.g. environmental conditions, smart factory and future mobile networks. The project will study what value UAS and big data brings to mobile networks.


3D antenna radiation pattern measurements in Centria field trial environment using drone.



Detecting RF interference source using UAS.



Detecting massive MIMO beamforming with UAS.


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