Centria 5G Network


Centria field test network is a fully working mobile network environment which has been used to perform several public trials. The environment has evolved according to the demands of each trial. The field test environment is a heterogeneous network build with commercial hardware and software components. Field test environment is located in Ylivieska town in Bothnia area, Finland. Network covers Ylivieska city center area with macro cells.


Centria’s team has a long experience deploying new technologies in field test environment. The team has performed several technologies, algorithm, testing tool, system, and application level demonstrations in the projects mentioned above. Centria team has world-class knowledge and practical skills for testing and configuring, as well as maintaining and building mobile network.


Centria's mobile network knowledge and environments will be combined to expertise and platforms of 3D, virtual manufacturing and robotics in this project. The project encompasses key players for development of intelligent 3D measurement systems for 5G needs but also other perspective like authority and meteorology points of view are taken into account.


The project will exploit and further develop the trial environments from CORE/CORE+/CORE++ projects. The trialing activity will continue developing new and agile methods for trial development by conducting consecutive public trial demonstrations with new features. Centria’s 5G network details can be found in 5GTN+ project site.




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