(Intelligent 3D measurements, analysis and automation for 5G beamforming solutions using Unmanned Aircraft System)


Centria coordinated IMAGE 5G project aims to develop new intelligent 3D measurement methods for mobile networks by using unmanned aircrafts and to explore their uses and needs for the future service products. IMAGE 5G project collects Big Data, which mainly consists of RF measurements (radio frequency) as well as industrial environments, air quality and interference measurements. Tekes funded two-year project collects Big Data and developes, analyses and visualizes 3D testing methods with six collaboration partners. In addition, the project integrates the IoT platforms for drones, looks for new business opportunities and provides opportunities to test technologies in real field test environment.

Main working method of the project are field trials. The first trial is planned to be carried out during the first year (2017). The second and the third trials planned to be organized during the second year (2018). Target of trialing is to find new business possibilities and providing testing opportunities in the field trial environment.


This two-year project is part of Tekes 5thGear program and project execution time is 1.10.2016-31.12.2018. The total budget of the project is approximately 833 000€.


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