AR brings a phantom travel guide to life

Centria’s R&D digitalisation team has collaborated with Kokkola’s Tourism office, Creamedia and the town of Kokkola to create a brand new app called TankAR Stories, that can be downloaded free of charge from application stores. This new TankAR Stories app allows you to explore the Tankar Island in a new way.
Fredrik "Fredu" Andersson is your guide, and he will tell you about the history of the island as well as anecdotes related to the island, such as rumours associated with the legendary Hårrboda maiden. 

-    Kokkola ’s development director of the City of Kokkola, Jonne Sandberg, 
wanted to make the most of added reality in the town’s tourism. This project has involved different parties: Centria University of Applied Sciences was in charge of the app’s coding, and Creamedia was responsible for the content and video production. The museum kept an eye on the facts and reviewed all the material, supposed to look at it and act as an agent reviewer, says Centria's R&D manager Johanna Jansson.

The app is the perfect tool for new visitors and tourists returning to 
Tankar, as Fredu is providing real historical facts as well opening up famous legends related to the island.  

The free  ”TankAR Stories
 AR app is available for download from Google Play and App Store. The app is user-friendly, the user needs to open the app and point the phone’s camera towards the  "storyline"  pictures – i.e. pictures of bailiff Fredrik "Fredu" Andersson's face. The app will identify the familiar face and launch the story.  There are many pictures scattered on the island, at the port on the mainland and on the boat, all delivering their own stories. 

The application (i.e. 
Fredu's stories) is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The application has been implemented as part of the KokkolaAR project, three other 
AR pilots are being developed by the end of this year as part of this same project. KokkolaAR is an AIKO project (Regional Innovation Experiment) funded by the Central Ostrobothnia Federation, Kokkola City and Centria.
More information
R&D Manager Johanna Jansson
tel. +358404807570 

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